I guess this is goodbye :'(

Yesterday was our last day in Digital Media Literacy with Dr. Osborne. It’s been a fascinating four weeks. Looking back, I have no idea how we all accomplished the things we did in such a short time. We must be demi gods or something.

During yesterday’s class, Dr. Osborne asked us each to compile the top 5 concepts we learned and the top 5 techniques that had been shared during the course of the class. Here’s mine.


1. Digital Natives, though ingulfed in technology everyday, are not savvy enough to naviagte the digital media world without guidance.

2. Social media is changing the way they communicate and relate to each other.

3. Digital media is changing the way we think.

4. Students perform better when they’re engaged, and digital media engages them.

5. Our curriculum must evovle with the world. If it doesn’t, then our children lose.


1. VoiceThread! Like I stated in an earlier post, I have an idea for VoiceThread that I’m excited about.

2. Teaching photo and film analysis to complement and enhance text analysis.

3. Creating a Facebook page for characters.

4. Pairing text with photos/videos and music as an interpretation.

5. Making video spoofs of text.

Of course, these don’t even scratch the surface of the interesting things introduced in class and on individual blogs.

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