Digital life is just…regular life

Yesterday, before the feature film (Inception, if you haven’t seen it, do) started, my boyfriend and I got to see an interesting trailer. The title of the film is The Social Network. And when you see the sans serif white lettering surrounded by a medium blue box, you immediately know what it’s about–Facebook. Isn’t it just crazy that there’s a movie about Facebook? But wait, give that some thought. Is it really crazy? To Digital Immigrants, digital media is a part of life, but to Digital Natives, digital media is regular life. In fact, the top ten jobs in 2010, didn’t even exist in 2004. And 2004 wasn’t even that long ago!! What’s crazy is that the importance of digital media literacy isn’t being taken as seriously as it should.

But, no worries. As Dr. Osborne has drilled, we are the revolutionaries. We can change the curriculum if we have enough passion.

I found a video, and though I can’t post it because of limited space, you really have to watch it. It’s about another revoluton–social media. The video states some startling facts that are pretty hard to ignore.

Despite those cold, hard facts, it’s still going to be a battle getting the people in charge to change their minds, especially in a politically fueled Department of Education like ours. To help, I bestow upon you, able one, a quiver of links to go to battle with.

6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom

MacArthur Foundation Digital Media

Fearing Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Implementation Strategy

What is Digital Media Literacy, and Why is it Important?

Your biggest ally in this fight is digital media itself. Use google and youtube in your research. There’s mountains of information out there.

As a last note, I’d like to thank Dr. Osborne for being enthusiastic and patient. Big ups to my classmates for being interesting, thoughtful, and nice enough to compliment me on my sub-par videos.

 Let us depart as brethren in the fight for digital literacy!

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