E-Literature: Enthusiasm Manufacturer

“The Electronic Literature Organization was founded in 1999 to foster and promote the reading, writing, teaching, and understanding of literature as it develops and persists in a changing digital environment. […] the ELO includes writers, artists, teachers, scholars, and developers.”

~Electronic Literature Organization

Our professor, Dr. Osborne, introduced us to e-literature just the other day.  And I have to say, it’s really amazing. I never knew this medium existed.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time to talk about the possibilites of e-lit in the secondary classroom. After some googling, I found that most secondary schools use e-literature as a study tool instead of a project for the students to complete themselves. A study conducted in a 9th grade biology classroom revealed promising data about the use of e-literature as a study aid: “When asked about similarities and differences between HyperCard and regular text projects, all 10 students stated that HyperCard is more interesting, more enjoyable, more exciting, or better than more conventional writing assignments. In addition, 5 students described regular text projects as boring. Even though a total of 9 students felt that HyperCard takes more time and requires more work, only 1 student showed a preference for working on regular text projects.” This study also conducted research on students making their own HyperCards. The students found it much more difficult and time consuming to make the HyperCards, but ultimately much more rewarding.

Let me ask you this: since when does a high school student knowingly favor a project that required the most amount of effort?

E-literature– enthusiasm manufacturer.

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