Every article we have read has proven the same point over and over: Generation Y students are more engaged in a learning activity when it involves technology or new media. As teachers who didn’t grow up using new media or technology any more evolved than a transparency projector, we have a daunting task. We have to change a lot of what we know about teaching. We’ve got to go in there with our game faces on, or they’ll devour us. Like flesh eating wasps.

Fortunately for you, my little overworked dearies, the internet levels the playing field considerably. Everyone has access to everything. Whatever technology or websites they are interested in, you can learn about online and try to incorporate it into your lesson plans.

I’ve only been thinking about lesson plans since the beginning of June, yet I’ve come across several websites that encourage use of comic strips to teach story, inference, organization, etc. Well, I can one-up that: is a photo blogging website much like aforementioned Users submit photos that they have created humorous text for, and then it is enjoyed by the masses. The fun thing about is that it’s a series of around four photos that create a sort of comic strip. Often photos of one person or even are mixed with a totally unrelated person or even to create the story with results varying from LOL to that-was-a-waste-of-four-seconds.

Now, while I would not recommend that you send your children to this website, I do think we could take their idea, and evolve it for classroom applications.

1. Find some child-friendly Comixed submissions and present them to the class, sans one photo. They can then use inferencing skills to figure out what the missing photo might be of and/or say.

2. Ask them to make their own comixes. They could use photos from the internet or magazine and newspaper clippings. This would be a simple way to talk about beginning, middle, and end, and climax and resolution.

Of course, there are surely many more classroom applications, but I’m all tapped out for the evening.

If you get a chance, surf on over to the website and see if any inspiration hits you right on the funny bone.

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